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Alex Di Stefano

Alex Di Stefano

Alex Di Stefano, a producer of over twenty years experience, is bringing a breath of fresh air to the electronic dance music scene of present with a unique style of techno trance combined with a large musical knowledge of past and present. Its fair to say Alex has created a huge impact in a short space of time and is widely regarding as one of the hottest properties within his genre.

Coming from a family of musicians, Alex has developed his talents since the age of 10 years and he always knew that his future would belong to the world of Djing and production. Starting in 1993 with performances as a live act in numerous well-known clubs in the south of Italy, he immediately put himself on display his skills as a performer. Soon Alex was inundated with booking requests and even residencies at 3 different venues as well as hosting a regular radio show.

These steps gave him the breakthrough into the world of music production. In 1994 Alex produced the first Italo-dance single under the alias "DayDream" entitled "Thinkin' About You" which gained major success throughout Europe. A year later came his second single "DayDream - Through The Night", from this release Alex gained recognition from the most well-known Italian labels such 'Next Records', 'Red Music', 'X-Energy' and many more!

Alex’s desire to try new sounds and experiences did not stop, he decided to give a further boost to his career by moving to Rimini in Northern where he knew he would have many more opportunities such as a new residency. It was here that Alex’s music style evolved to a more techno-trance sound. Alex stood out immediately on the Adriatic Coast, considered by many the second ibiza, it was here in 2002 when he performed in one of the most famous Italian clubs "Cocoricò", his performance had the Italian scene speaking his name in high esteem.

In less than a year Alex was headhunted to be part of a well-known production team "Digital Team Studio - Rimini" where he worked for 4 years releasing hit records such as 'Mash - In Your Arms', 'Mash - One Day', 'Mash - Oak Island', 'Mash - Be My Girl' and many more. 

Considering his experience as a producer and numerous productions released under different aliases, Alex decided to focus on his career as a solo artist in 2007, starting to release tracks in more minimalist style which evolved itself to what we call his Tech-Trance Style of today.

His diversity as a producer marks a turning point in Alex's career which has seen him release tracks for many well-known labels such: VII, Armind (Armada), In Trance We Trust, Who Is Afraid Of 138?!, Subculture, Kearnage Recordings, Outburst Records, Skullduggery and many more. 

Alex’s productions are touching the major labels, producers, promoters and clubbers, getting excellent results in all major digital stores and support from industry figure heads such as by Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Simon Patterson, John Askew to name but a few, not to forget that he joined the VII crew.

He has performed for global brands such as Subculture, Open Up, VII, Digital Society, In Trance We Trust, J00F Editions and has played at world renowned venues such as Tomorrowland, Luminosity, ADE (In Trance We Trust), EDC Orlando (Dreamstate Stage), Exchange LA, Avalon Hollywood, The Gallery (Ministry of Sound), Circus Montreal, Koko London and many more 

A DJ / Producer with very wide freedom of musical expression, always looking for innovative sounds, following no particular style, only updating his musical knowledge and without ever abandoning atmosphere for a Trance, Tech world that has been hit by commercialism. All this makes Alex a future icon for the electronic dance music industry.

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Alvaro and Sebas

DJ's Alvaro & Sebas 

From Spain Trance Artists and Producers and owners of Hypnotiz3d Records We give you!...The Elem3nts!

Biography: Hypnotiz3d Records is the record label set up by the Spanish DJs and producers 'Alvaro and Sebas' (The Elem3nts). After producing electronic music for over 5 years, They have started Hypnotiz3d Records in 2018 to release new productions.

Location: Spain.

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Philip Langham

Resident DJ: Philip Langham

Location: Derby, England. UK

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Gena & Max

Duo DJ's Gena Zeon & Max Nemo From Ukraine 

Bio: Kontroller Project- electronic projects from Donetsk Ukraine, Projects created in early 2012,
Structure of two people Gena Zeon and Max Nemo, Projects plays in the style of Progressive Trance,\par.

Since October 2014, Our published author radioshow Magic Sound Podcast, Where you can hear
the most melodious and high-quality sound, available today, in our opinion\par.

Radio show today sounds for 50 radio stations in 30 countries, such as Russia, Belarus,
Kazakhstan, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Mexico, Brazil, Germany,
Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Cyprus and in many other countries!.

If you Love Progressive trance Then These Guy's are sure to keep your ears happy.

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Vince Blakk

Resident DJ/Producer: Vince Blakk

Bio: “I spent my life playing in clubs. In my last years, night by night, I began to explore.
…and now these nights have become Explorer Club.” [Vince Blakk]. 

Vince Blakk is an independent Club DJ & Uplifting Trance producer based in San Josè, Costa Rica, Vince had a passion for electronic music from a young age. Growing up in the 80s, he was part of the first generation to be introduced to computer technology (such as the Commodore 64… uuhh!). This inspired him to create his own electronic sound and craft something completely new. With a soft spot for artists that combined genres, such as those in electronic with pop/rock, (Mike Oldfield, The Rockets, Kraftwerk) Vince began to study music and learn guitar at the age of 12. He grew up playing guitar for a variety of rock bands and studying music until he graduated as a sound engineer with skills specialising in electric guitar.

From there, Vince went on to study and work across the world from Italy to England and Holland to Germany until he found his calling in 2006 and began to DJ. Influenced by the likes of Markus Schulz, Mauro Picotto and Paul Van Dyk, Vince built up a wealth of experience of performing on radio stations and online as well as to growing audiences at live shows.
In 2012, he relocated to Costa Rica where he remains to live and work today. There, he performs as a Club DJ, thrilling events around 200 nights a year and taking on the biggest clubs in the city such as Vertigo, 8ctavo Rooftop, Hoxton, Morazàn, Stereo Luv, Mango Sunset and more.

Spinning everything from trance to house and techno, he has been a full time DJ since 2014 and recently became a Denon Dj Endorser  (Hp-1100 Headphones) and Serato DJ beta tester/full supporter. From nov. 2016 Vince is the owner/founder of monthly radio show Explorer Club (#eClub). Finally in march 2017, Vince made his official debut, like producer, on Rice Bowl Recordings with “Proxima Centauri”. In june 2017 after the good responses and new international visibility obtained, Vince come back on the scene with a fresh new 4 tracks Ep: “Spaceship One” (Rice Bowl Recordings). An Ep that contains one of his best tunes ever: “Antares”. A song that confirms, one more time, the journey started with the debut, made by purely uplifting sounds and catchy melodies. By the way, the best is yet to come!

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Karl MIX









Resident DJ: Karl MIX

Location: Glasgow, Scotland. UK

Bio: Ex Nightclub/FM Broadcast [Free] Radio DJ Since 1991. 

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